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about the studio

studio_ink_work is an independent creative consultancy established by Ioanna N. Kyrtatou in Amsterdam. Our focus is on creative direction & strategic branding for independent business owners, small businesses, and causes we support.

It's founded by one, yet powered by many.

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about the founder

Ioanna is a Greek creative director & designer based in Amsterdam.

“By having a bit of a hybrid role – with one foot in creative direction, the other in strategic branding and an elbow in graphic design – I strive to connect those disciplines, gather a uniquely talented team and make some cool stuff in the process.”

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Our dream is to reverse the tide of overspecialisation in the design world, and reinstate multidisciplinarity as the status quo.

skills & services

︎ Visual Identity
︎ Strategic Branding
︎ Retail Experience
︎ Design for print or web bits
︎ Campaign creative direction 
︎ Mindful social media engagement

our added value

︎ Access to an evergrowing network of star performers in the creative world.

︎ Quality & experience of a senior team, but with the air & excitement of an intern.

︎ Speakers of 5+ languages & fluent in communicating with our international clientele.

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