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SONOS Playbase

︎ A glorious retail window & in-store experience zone.

SONOS Europe needed a glorious retail window & in-store experience zone for the launch of their new product: the SONOS Playbase.

Exploring the global SONOS directive of Wake up the Silent Home, we sought to find ways to ‘wake up’ our retail window without using sound, finding our answers in monochrome sound visualisations.

Client/Brand: SONOS Europe
Agency: OY︎

Services: Art Direction & Design
This project was realised
in collaboration with 
Tania Shoukair &
Marck Hoogland.

Staying true to the visual story, the in-store experience zone is an inverse of the window. The fully white interior is ‘woken up’ by black SONOS products and the back wall illustrates the sound ripplesin black.