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︎ Founding & running a creative agency, alongside final year studies.

As part of their final year studies, partner in crime Molly Wilson and our founder Ioanna N. Kyrtatou founded a small creative agency called folkstudio.

Working part-time alongside their studies and hiring students from younger years as the creative force, they ran fun creative briefs, branded a beer brewery and even hosted their own workshop and talks event called openstudio.

Ioanna N. Kyrtatou: Co-Founder & Creative Director
This project was realised
in collaboration with 
Molly Wilson.


The ‘What’s your doodle?’ poster campaign invited students to draw within the blank canvas featured in our logo and paste up their creations around campus, promoting the workshop series hosted by day.

The workshop space was then transformed overnight into an exhibition, and a selection of local studios were invited to attend after receiving a special golden ticket.

The workshops were ran
in collaboration with
Warrior Studios, Lewis Firth Bolton,
Loud Poets & Too Much Fun Club.

Our exhibition featured talks by
Neil D. Walker & Fred Deakin.