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Press Play

︎ A short film about music improvisation featuring record label ‘Working Titles’.

Working Titles is a unique record label made up of Kaap & Boris Acket, who create electronic music through actual improvisation. Their live shows have people moving to an unforgettable sound, yet left wondering how the duo could possibly be making this all up right there on the spot.

After being approached by them and upon hearing their story, what caught our attention was their incredible answer to the simple question of how they start their shows: “We just… Press play.”

So, we got together in their studio and let them do their thing, only to find ourselves even more mesmerised by the journey they took us on. Press Play, and you’ll see for yourself too ;)

Client Name:
Working Titles︎
Client Location:
Amsterdam, NL

Creative Direction
Film Direction
Direction of Photography
Film Production

Creative Direction:
Ioanna Kyrtatou

Tomas van Harten
Michel Kasper

Film Editor:
Tim Arnold AV

Music & Sound Design:
Boris Acket