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︎ Like a dating app, but without the annoying dating bit.

Evolving a brand that strives to battle loneliness in society by connecting real people with shared passions; ultimately empowering each individual to become a stronger version of themselves.

Niluk has deeply spiritual DNA. Firstly it encourages each of us to search within ourselves to understand our true reflective nature, which will then, in turn, help foster meaningful connections with other human beings.

The brand identity system draws on this DNA. It combines graphic shape, colour and sharp typography to create a recognisable visual language which symbolises unity and compassion amongst all members of the global Niluk 'team'.
Client Name: Niluk︎
Client Location:
Amsterdam, NL

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
App Design
Print / OOH
User Testing

Creative Direction:
Ioanna Kyrtatou
Martin Duff

Lead Strategy/Design:
Ioanna Kyrtatou

Lead Design/Artwork:
Martin Duff

Rowan Bancroft