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Nike Live

︎ Transforming a retail space into a retail experience.

The Nike Live Retail concept aimed to target the sports lifestyle market, opening unique stores across EMEA, while being unified with one Nike visual language.

Multi-disciplinary collaboration across design disciplines ensured all elements worked cohesively within our stores and our goal as the Story Design team was to make the consumer experience journey feel seemless.

Dynamic movement & shape abstraction through a diverse palette of illustrated characters created our expression of Sport. A strong focus on materiality brings the brand to life even in the smallest details, while sustainably 'Moving towards Zero'.

All elements, art direction & strategy were put together to create an interactive Playbook of Story Visual & Executional Guidelines, driving consistency across all of EMEA and allowing for moments of innovation when an opportunity presented itself.
Client Name: Nike︎
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Brand Communication
Retail Design
Graphic Design

Retail Gazette︎

Work created as part of the Nike Brand Creative Retail Story Design team, in collaboration with Store, Layout Planning, Store Construction & external production partners.