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Endwell’s ‘Take 10’

︎ A global pandemic’s the time to rebrand death.

EndWell is a non-profit media platform and annual convening dedicated to interdisciplinary solutions that will transform the end of life into a human-centered experience.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, EndWell’s annual conference was required to happen virtually. Our role was quite simple: How can we promote an online event that aims to ‘re-brand death’, to a Zoom-fatigued audience that is feeling trapped in their own home and has, for the first time in their lifetimes, experienced death and loss in such a universal and enormous scale?

It seems that nowadays, no one has the time to talk about this serious stuff. Or perhaps, better said, no one makes the time. Our campaign began with a series of teasers and conversation starters, asking some real questions about death: "If you died today, what’s your legacy?" or “What’s the last sound you want to hear?” and ultimately "Who gets the cat?"

By calling the event Take 10: a name meets CTA meets event date, we encouraged individuals to take at least 10 minutes to tune in, positively celebrate and openly discuss End of Life subjects with their loved ones. Our goal was not to simply have a one-off conference, but to create a movement: by ensuring that the “Take 10” content lives on in a hub-type format, we’re a step closer in making the discussion of these subjects a part of day-to-day living.

The overall art direction of our campaign was inspired by the visual reality of the pandemic, where our homes became the stages for talks, calls or online conferences. Leaning into that, our speakers were photographed in their home environments, letting themselves be vulnerable in their own space as a way to encourage viewers to follow suit.

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