ioanna n. kyrtatou ︎
all-round creative & designer


︎ Creating offline experiences worthy of being shared online.

At a bigger circle, Friday Sessions was our classic end of week jam: get together, pop open a couple’a drinks & spend time sharing with our colleagues. But for ADNIGHT, we wanted to make it bigger & better.

My role was curate the experience of our visitors, so I set out to create a world where the cool ADNIGHT culture would meet our digital agency style, showcasing our interpretation of the latest social media trends.

Client: a bigger circle
Agency: a bigger circle ︎
Role: Creative
This project was realised
in collaboration with
Mark Visbeek & Peter Evers.


Our office floor was stripped of everything but our desks & Mac screens. Alluding to the feel of an Apple Store, each employee’s desk featured a personalised animation in the visual style of our agency.

This allowed people to casually walk around and familiarise themselves with us and our work, without forcing them to sit through a presentation of our sales deck. Instead, our talks were interactive and inspiring on various social media & innovation topics.


When entering the building, visitors were required to take a short elevator ride to get to our space, inside which was our curated instagrammable experience. surrounded by post-its in differently marked areas such as: Doodling, a Storytelling line, Caption This sketches and of course, an Elevator Pitch.

People were encouraged to leave their details behind, with the incentive of the best post-it idea winning a chance at interning at a bigger circle.


What if you could get your own one-line portrait exhibited in the first ever VR Portrait timeline exhibition? We invited the incredibly gifted @lou_line to be our VR portrait artist and created an area where visitors could enter the VR world and explore the entire portrait exhibition themselves.

The portraits were purposefully distributed via our Instagram as shareable visuals, with the intention of being reposted and shared further.
Throughout the duration of the evening the re-posts created such an online buzz, that people changed their ADNIGHT plans so that they can drop by our offices!